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When Should You Go to Cardiac Rehab?

Not sure if cardiac rehabilitation is for you? Here’s how to know if it is.

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These Famous People Survived Congenital Heart Issues—You Can, Too

Here are four celebrities who live with congenital heart disease every day.

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Not Everything You Hear about Women and Heart Disease Is True

Here’s how to tell fact from fiction when it comes to women and their hearts.

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woman and nurse

How to Lower Blood Pressure

Follow these tips to help keep your blood pressure under control.

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How Being Kind to Others Is Good for You

Did you know that kindness may benefit the giver as much as the receiver? Here’s how.

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Does Having Diabetes Increase Your Cancer Risk?

It may not seem like these diseases are related, but they’re more connected than you think.

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Asking These Questions Helps You Take Charge of Your Health

Here are 40 questions to ask doctors so you’re better informed about your health.

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What Happens When You Worry Too Much?

If worst-case scenarios often fill your head, here’s how it may affect your body and mind.

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Is It Really Worth It to Make Resolutions?

Here’s how to make this annual goal-setting practice something that actually yields results.

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10 Reasons to Donate Blood

Blood donations are needed now more than ever. Here are 10 good reasons to donate.

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