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female physician with curly brown hair

Deborah Specialty Physicians Now Offers Pulmonary Care in Toms River

Pulmonologist Deborah Eisen, M.D., has recently announced that her long-time practice in Toms River is now part of Deborah Specialty Physicians. The practice will now be known as Deborah Specialty Physicians at Toms River (Lakehurst Road).

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J. Krathen

Know Your Risk for Heart Disease

Dr. Krathen explains on the Hurley in the Morning radio show how to modify risk factors, stages and management of heart disease, and treatments available. He also discusses the use of wearable devices to monitor heart rate and promote heart-healthy living.

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Deborah Heart and Lung Center’s President and CEO, Joseph Chirichella Announces Retirement Plans

Joseph Chirichella, President and CEO of Deborah Heart and Lung Center, announced his plan to retire to the organization’s team members, yesterday.

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James Herrington

What is Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)?

Peripheral Artery Disease develops over time and can be treated. Learn more about PAD prevention, management and treatments from vascular surgeon James Herrington, MD on the Hurley in the Morning radio show. 

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Annual Red Tie Gala Raises Funds for Cardiac Care

Deborah Hospital Foundation’s 18th Annual Red Tie Gala held on Sat. Nov. 11 at the Hilton at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia raised over $250,000 for cardiac care at Deborah Heart and Lung Center, New Jersey’s only specialty heart, lung and vascular hospital.

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senior man coughing

Know the Warning Signs of COPD

If you have been coughing and wheezing a lot lately, you may be wondering whether you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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Zeeshan Khan, DO

What is Sleep Apnea?

Pulmonologist Zeeshan Khan, DO, explains the causes, symptoms and treatments for sleep apnea on the Hurley in the Morning radio show.

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Gregory Domer

Carotid Artery Disease Can Lead to Stroke

Carotid arteries in the neck take oxygenated blood to the front of the brain. When blood flow is impeded due to fatty deposits of cholesterol in the arteries, or atherosclerosis, that can lead to the brain attack known as a stroke.

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What is a Heart Attack?

Listen to Dr. Guarino discuss heart attacks on the Hurley in the Morning radio program.

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Internist Robert T. Simon, MD Joins Deborah Specialty Physicians

Board-certified in internal medicine, Dr. Simon brings a wealth of experience to his new role at Deborah. Prior to joining, he founded an internal medicine practice in Toms River where he practiced for many years.

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