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Here’s What Happens When You Quit Smoking

Need a reason to quit? Check out how quickly you can benefit from being smoke-free.

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Why Women Need to Talk About Their Hearts

Here’s why it’s important to discuss your heart health with your doctor if you’re a woman.

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5 Minutes a Day Is All Your Heart May Need

Running for just a few minutes a day may be all it takes to live a longer, heart-healthier life.

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How Healthy Is Your Heart?

These signs may mean it's time to see a cardiologist about your heart.

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Simple Swaps for a Healthier BBQ

Savor the tastes you love off the grill with these healthier substitutions.

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6 Things You Can Do for Healthier Lungs

If you are a smoker, you may qualify for a lung CT scan through Deborah’s Lung Screening Program.

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3 Simple Steps to a Healthier Heart

These lifestyle changes can help keep your heart healthy.

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Think You're Too Young to Have a Stroke?

Stroke can happen at any age. High blood pressure increases your risk. Deborah’s experienced cardiologists can help reduce your risk.

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Is Your Heart at Risk? The Women's Heart Center at Deborah Can Help

Deborah is uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat women’s heart disease and help women lower their risk.

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This Is Just One Reason to Love Your Dog, But It's a Good One

More than just a best friend, your dog can be the perfect personal trainer.

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