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Winter Comfort Foods that Are Good for You

These 6 tips help lighten the foods that warm you up and keep you satisfied.

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Sit-Ups or Planks: What's Best for Your Core?

These two exercises both strengthen core muscles, but here’s how they differ.

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How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

With these tips, the calendar won’t influence the number on the scale.

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Beautiful girl sleeping in bed in morning

Video: 5 Benefits of Getting Enough Sleep

If you need another reason to get enough shut-eye, here are 5 good ones.

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There’s How Much Sodium in That Dish?

Don’t be fooled by these healthy-sounding restaurant choices.

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5 Tips to Be Fit Over 50

Whether you’ve been active your entire life or are just starting out, here’s how to stay fit as you age.

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7 Safety Tips if You Work Out in the Dark

There’s no need to head indoors if you're exercising after dark. Just follow these tips.

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Older family making turkey dinner

5 Healthy Holiday Cooking Substitutions

There’s no need to skip your holiday favorites with these healthy cooking tips.

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Woman snacking on junk food

4 Ways to Manage Emotional Eating

Don't let pandemic-induced emotions sabotage your diet. Follow these tips.

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Woman showing off her flat

Need Another Reason to Lose Weight? Here’s a Great One

Reducing your risk of COVID-19 complications is yet another good reason to lose weight.

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