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How to Stay Motivated When Working Out Indoors

How to Stay Motivated When Working Out Indoors

If you’re like many people, you prefer to get in a sweat sesh outside whenever the weather cooperates. Going for a run, riding your bike around town or enjoying a friendly game of tennis not only keeps your body moving and your heart pumping, but it’s a great stress-reliever to be outside enjoying the fresh air.

But as sunset gets earlier and earlier at this time of year, it may be difficult to get your workout in before dark. While that may leave some people still enjoying their outdoor exercise in the moonlight, it sends many others indoors unless they can find time to get a workout done before the sun goes down.

Does going to the gym or hopping on your home treadmill seems like a drag? If you’re feeling unmotivated to work out inside, here are 5 ideas to breathe new life into your workout so you look forward to doing it as much as when you’re outdoors.

  • Create a challenge. Whether you compete against someone else or just against yourself, challenges help you stay motivated no matter where your workout takes place.
  • Carve out a dedicated space. Find some space in your home, however small, just for your workouts and then make the space feel inspiring and invigorating so you look forward to being there.
  • Multi-task. One of the beauties of working out indoors is that you can catch up on your favorite show while exercising. Find a show that runs as long as you want to work out and you likely won’t even notice the time flying by.
  • Try something new. Now is the perfect time to do something you don’t normally do. Been thinking about boxing? Lace up those gloves! Want to feel like a kid? Go to a trampoline park or an indoor climbing gym and give it a try.
  • Track your progress. Setting specific and attainable goals and then tracking your progress can give you plenty of reason to keep showing up. There are plenty of ways to track progress—by the minutes, the pounds, the reps, etc—just find something that works for you.

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