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Understanding the Unique Needs of Children and Their Hearts

Illness, diagnostic tests, and screenings can be scary for anyone, but are especially hard for children. The specialists at Deborah Specialty Physicians understand the unique needs of children – and their parents – when it comes to diagnosing and treating pediatric heart conditions, whether a child has a congenital structural heart defect, issues with the electrical system that controls their heartbeat, or concerning symptoms that are affecting their daily life. Our specially trained pediatric cardiology team, in partnership with St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, work together to diagnose and manage these conditions.

Our team of experienced, dedicated and compassionate pediatric professionals provide excellent care specifically for our youngest patients. Historically, we’ve been known for treating children around the world with cardiac issues through the Children of the World® program. Today, our board-certified pediatric cardiologists and pediatric nurse practitioners provide diagnostic outpatient evaluations for children suspected of having acquired or congenital heart disease.

Our Preventive Cardiology Program is also proactive in screening, diagnosing, treating, and preventing conditions that may lead to early onset of cardiovascular disease.

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Cara Garofalo, MD

Pediatric Cardiology