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Optimizer® Smart Mini

This device is for patients with heart failure. It is one of several different treatments used at Deborah. Similar in size to a pacemaker, the Optimizer® Smart Mini is implanted during a minimally-invasive procedure under light sedation, and is designed to deliver “Cardiac Contractility Modulation” (CCM) therapy to the heart. This is an innovation that can improve the lives of many heart failure patients who continue to experience symptoms despite receiving medical therapy.

How does it work?

Optimizer® Smart Mini

CCM therapy is a new option that improves the quality of life for patients who are no longer adequately responding to medications to manage symptoms or to slow the progression of heart failure. During the procedure, while the patient is under light sedation, the device is implanted under the skin of the upper chest, along with electrical leads placed in the heart’s right ventricle through the veins (transcatheter).

After the procedure, your physician will program the delivery of CCM therapy, which is customized for each patient, and then activate the device. The Optimizer then sends electrical pulses to the heart muscle for a total of five hours a day in regular one-hour treatment intervals during the day. From the comfort of your home, patients charge the device each week for one hour using an external charger. The Optimizer is expected to provide CCM therapy for up to 15 years before needing to be replaced.

What can I expect after treatment?

Unlike a pacemaker which is used to treat slow heart rhythm disturbances, or a defibrillator which also does that as well as delivering lifesaving therapy during a heart arrhythmia, the Optimizer delivers CCM therapy which makes your heart beat stronger — or more forcefully — resulting in more oxygen-rich blood being delivered to your body with each beat. This can improve your overall health.