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New Sleep Medicine Physician Joins Deborah Specialty Physicians Practice in Lawrenceville

Board-certified pulmonologist and sleep medicine doctor Marcella Frank, DO, has joined the Deborah Specialty Physicians practice location in its Lawrenceville office. Deborah Specialty Physicians is a physician practice affiliated with Deborah Heart and Lung Center. The Lawrenceville office is conveniently located on Princeton Pike, and brings specialized sleep medicine services into the heart of Mercer County.

Marcella M. Frank, DO
Pulmonologist, Marcella Frank, DO

Sleeping well is recognized as a cornerstone for good health and overall well-being. Those affected by sleep disorders however, know that even sleeping for long stretches doesn’t always provide adequate rest. More than 100 million people have trouble sleeping and are affected by common sleep conditions like snoring, sleep apnea, daytime drowsiness, teeth grinding, or a host of more than 90 conditions that can disrupt sleep.

Poor sleep quality affects everything from job performance, driving safety, personal relationships and intimacy and mental health. It also impacts blood-oxygen saturation and elevates blood pressure. This increase in blood pressure forces the heart to work harder, which can cause serious, long-term health problems.

For patients who have sleep problems, getting the proper diagnosis with the right team — as soon as possible — can make a huge difference in how they feel. Dr. Frank brings that sleep medicine experience to the new Deborah Specialty Physicians office in Lawrenceville. As a member of the Deborah Heart and Lung Center medical staff, Dr. Frank has experience in Deborah’s highly sophisticated Institute of Sleep Medicine, with its vast array of state-of-the-art resources.

“Fortunately, when properly diagnosed, sleep disorders are very treatable,” said Dr. Frank. “Sleep disorders are often caused by an underlying respiratory or cardiovascular issue. An in-lab or at-home sleep study can diagnose the problem and then we can work to customize treatment plans. I believe good sleep is essential for good health and will work hard to make it a reality for every one of my patients.”

Deborah Specialty Physicians-Lawrenceville is located at 3100 Princeton Pike, Building 1, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 609-836-6616 or click here to make an online appointment request. 

Deborah Specialty Physicians is a private, physicians’ practice, with offices located throughout Burlington, Ocean, Mercer, and Atlantic Counties. The locations provide services by physicians who specialize in cardiology, electrophysiology, endocrinology, pediatric cardiology, vascular surgery, and advanced heart failure. The name “DEBORAH” is a registered trademark of Deborah Heart and Lung Center and is used under license granted by Deborah. All Rights Reserved.