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5 Fitness Ideas for Couples

5 Fitness Ideas for Couples

Breaking a sweat together may do more good than you think! In addition to the known benefits of physical activity – improved heart health, increased stamina and stronger muscles – exercising as a couple may enhance your relationship. Research shows that doing new things together can produce feelings similar to when you first fell in love, as your brain is flooded with feel-good endorphins.

There are plenty of activities you can enjoy together, no matter what your fitness level. Here are 5 workout ideas for couples to keep hearts pumping.

  • Dancing – Get a workout while you connect with one another at a dance class or head out for a night on the town if you’ve already got the moves. Dancing works many muscles in the body and is a heart-healthy way to spend time together. Looking to learn how to salsa, cha-cha or waltz? Dance studios and gyms often offer classes for students of all skill levels. Or simply turn on your favorite tunes and move to your own beat!
  • Hiking – Exercising outdoors can increase mood in addition to providing physical benefits. Hiking helps build muscle in your lower body, works your heart and gets blood flowing. Hiking poles work your arms, shoulders, chest and upper back, too.
  • Boating – Spend a picture-perfect afternoon together as you get a serious upper-body workout. Rent a two-person kayak, row boat or canoe for some paddling fun. You’ll build muscle while enjoying each other’s company and improving communication skills. It takes two to avoid steering into a rock!
  • Biking – Riding a bicycle targets some of your body’s largest muscles, including quads, glutes and hamstrings. It also works your heart and lungs, improves endurance and revs your metabolism. Even if you stick to an easy pace that allows you to chat as you ride, a 150-pound person can burn nearly 300 calories an hour while pedaling.
  • Head to the gym – There’s plenty you can do together at your own level at the gym. Choose side-by-side cardio machines so you can go at your own pace and adjust inclines and resistance levels as you each see fit. Take turns during strength training sessions, working together while meeting your own goals. Stretch together for added flexibility – and intimacy.

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